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Symphonic Music

Alum Rock

Symphonic Tone Poem in C Major

The piece begins with some dissonant chords from the horns representing stress and anxiety. This is quickly countered by the majestic strings which offer a peaceful antidote. Woodwinds then add an idyllic feel to the music.

The cello and bass then try to inject a bit more stress but are brought into line by the violas and violins. But stress and anxiety are stubborn and horns reappear with their dissonant chords. The clarinet tries to bring the horns in line but the horns will not give up easily. The bassoon then tries and almost vanquishes the horns.

Finally, the horns capitulate and join the full orchestra for a majestic, uplifting ending.

The 3rd and quite possibly final version:

Updated version:


Original version:

Composer: David Biagini

Performed by: David and The Symphony Orchestra of the Air

Video production: David Biagini

L'amore della Vita Mia

A petite suite for string quartet that I composed for a very special person.

Composer: David Biagini

Performed by: The String Quartet of the Air